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Mike Rutherford paints Retro Resin’s Fly and more

Originally published Sept. 27, 2006, at


Some guys just seem to be particularly in love with this hobby of ours. Mike Rutherford, 38, of New England has long struck me as one of them. Check out his Web site, which is stuffed not only with pictures of his own kit buildups, but with information about model kits both past and present and plenty of other genre subjects of interest to hobbyists.… Read the rest

Andy Bergholtz creates the Salty Sea Dogs

Originally published Aug. 16, 2006, at

Sculpted by Andy Bergholtz of AB Sculpture Studio.
Available from Dark Carnival.
1/4 scale, resin.
The first two “Sea Dogs” sell for $75 plus shipping; price on the Captain is $85; the set of all three is $175.Read the rest

Kingdom Come Superman from MikeTek

Originally published Aug. 10, 2006, at


First in a series of busts inspired by the artwork of Alex Ross.
Produced by MikeTek.
1/4 scale, resin, one piece.
Price: $50, including shipping inside the United States.Read the rest