Monthly Archives: September 2009

Two issues of Horizon’s Keaton Batman; what’s the difference?

Horizon Original’s Michael Keaton Batman from “Batman Returns” may be my favorite superhero kit. Sculpted by Steve Wang, it is a wonderfully dynamic portrayal of the Dark Knight produced by a great company. Plus, it’s vinyl, and despite my “Resin” blog name, vinyl is generally my preferred medium for garage kits.… Read the rest

Interviews written for Amazing Figure Modeler magazine

It has been my privilege to write a handful of articles for Amazing Figure Modeler, although my last two were published more than a year ago. I’m going to scan all the pages of my work and post it here, although not large enough that you can actually read it.… Read the rest

Video: Compleat Summer Model Daze in Colorado Springs

One big advantage of my family’s move to the Colorado Springs area is that we’re close to Compleat Games and Hobbies. It’s a fantastic hobby store, filled from floor to ceiling with neat stuff. Not as many garage kits as it used to have, but lots of great plastic kits.… Read the rest