Monthly Archives: July 2010

Phantom replacement head comparison shots

Here’s what the Dedham Pond Phantom of the Opera replacement head looks like next to the Polar Lights kit’s head (same scale) and an Aurora repop Phantom. The replacement head sells for $20 counting postage in the United States, or $15 plus postage to other countries.… Read the rest

The Aurora Phantom … doing something else

Here’s a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time: A James Bama-style Phantom replacement head for the Polar Lights model kit. Basically, what we end up with is the Aurora Phantom at a different moment in his tale, shortly after being unmasked.… Read the rest

For Norman Meyers of Artist Proof Studio, sculpting
is an opportunity to tell a story as well as shape a figure

Check out this creepazoid. He (?) is called the S.L.E. Creature, and once I get over being freaked out, I feel really bad for … it. Poor thing, you look at it and just know this is someone who’s had a really serious problem.… Read the rest