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Kingdom Come Superman from MikeTek

Originally published Aug. 10, 2006, at


First in a series of busts inspired by the artwork of Alex Ross.
Produced by MikeTek.
1/4 scale, resin, one piece.
Price: $50, including shipping inside the United States.Read the rest

Pirate Captain by H2Creative

Originally published Aug. 3, 2006, at

Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain“PIRATE CAPTAIN”
Sculpted by Jim Maddox.
Produced by H2Creative,
1/6th scale resin bust in six parts.
$75 plus shipping.

Something about Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” connected with me right from the start – and I don’t mean the movies, I mean the characters from the rides at Disneyland and Disney World, which I discovered when Johnny Depp was probably a year or two ahead of me in grade school.… Read the rest

Steve Riojas paints the Yagher Classics

Originally published July 26, 2006, at

Imagine you’ve got a kit that looks wonderful before you even start working on it. Something created by Jeff Yagher, a sculptor who is so talented and well-respected by garage-kit fans that the kit is named after him instead of the character it depicts.… Read the rest