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Ben’s Last Night: A Tribute to Duane Jones, new ‘Night of the Living Dead’ kit from Dedham Pond, sculpted by Joe Simon

Television has been the focus of way, way too many hours of my life, especially given how little of that time I was actually happy. But I do recall a few times that I got something memorable out of watching TV.… Read the rest

The story of Eva, Dedham Pond’s new Paquet-sculpted bust

Dedham Pond Designs was created in early 2010, shortly after sculptor William Paquet first contacted me with an offer to work together on a project that turned out to be a bust called “Alma”, inspired by the effects work Dick Smith did on the 1981 movie “Ghost Story”.… Read the rest

Nosferatu: The story of a vinyl model that almost was


For about two years, I fairly often caught myself shaking my head and wishing I had more guts. I came to realize that I had entertained a small dream — really, a small one — and just assumed it was out of my reach so I didn’t check it out.… Read the rest