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Bobby Horne uses brand-new decals, costumes and customization to renew old Megos and other models and figures

For a lot of us, the concept of setting aside childish things just because we’ve grown up is alien. We want that child inside us to be there forever. For others, those “childish things” are naturally woven into the adults we become.… Read the rest

Two issues of Horizon’s Keaton Batman; what’s the difference?

Horizon Original’s Michael Keaton Batman from “Batman Returns” may be my favorite superhero kit. Sculpted by Steve Wang, it is a wonderfully dynamic portrayal of the Dark Knight produced by a great company. Plus, it’s vinyl, and despite my “Resin” blog name, vinyl is generally my preferred medium for garage kits.… Read the rest

Mike Hill’s career in clay begins on an English riverbank,
leads to helping remake ‘The Wolfman’ in L.A.

Anyone with more than a passing familiarity with garage kits knows the work of Mike Hill. His hands have shaped some of the hobby’s most respected figure kits, including the characters in my personal all-time favorite, Janus’s incredible Dracula and Bride deluxe combo.… Read the rest