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Atlantis rises on a tidal wave of plastic to bring back
more of the model kits from hobbyists’ past and future

This month’s entry comes with a soundtrack. Hit the play button below if you’re up for a little music.

Donovan – Atlantis

What a great time for fans of plastic figure models. Five years ago, it seemed the “big guys” had declared our hobby dead and not worth resuscitating.… Read the rest

The characters of sculptor Robert Blair’s imagination can
crack you up at the same time they’re making your skin crawl

Look at the faces on some of these characters. Demon of the Harvest. Crookneck. Jack the Ripper. Even little Alice, concealing silverware as she awaits Humpty Dumpty’s fall. The characters look so happy, and they’re all obviously so nasty.… Read the rest

Scott Johansen and Edgar Allen Poe

Originally published July 5, 2006, at

Edgar Allen Poe

Sculpted by John Dennett.
Produced by Moohead Models,
Designed to be the same size as the classic 1/8 scale Aurora monster kits.
Made of resin, 13 parts. (Parts breakdown: Chair legs, 4; chair with Poe, 1; Poe legs, 1; Poe’s hands, 2; base, 1; cat, 1; book stack, 1; inkwell, 1; post with raven, 1.)
$90 plus shipping.Read the rest