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Another fossil cast I built: Ichthyornis, a bird with bite

I recently finished building these two at work and thought I’d share them here. They’re resin castings of Ichthyornis, from a fossil dug up in western Kansas. My employer’s website says the molds were made from the most complete Ichthyornis skeleton ever found.… Read the rest

My day job: Making prehistoric beasts live again

Last summer, my wife was driving through Woodland Park, Colo., which is the city nearest where we live. Truthfully, calling Woodland Park a “city” seems like too much because it’s a small place, but it does have several grocery stores, a Taco Bell and McDonald’s … and a dinosaur museum.… Read the rest

Cliff Green’s T-rex

Originally published April 20, 2006, at

Cliff Green

Produced by Cliff Green Studio of Price, Utah
Sculpted by Cliff Green, who also does his own painting
6 inches tall, 12 inches long. It’s 1/35 scale, representing a 38-foot-long dinosaur with a 5-foot-long skull
$50 for an unpainted kit (two parts, dino and base), $140 for a painted resin statue, $1,000 for a bronze statue

My interest in model kits was sparked somewhere around age 7; my interest in dinosaurs predates that by at least a couple of years.… Read the rest