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The Black Heart of George Stephenson: GEOmetric founder reunites with Earthbound, Simon, returns to GK production

Some people like pro football, so they pay attention to NFL players, and not just when the players are on the field. Same goes for fans of every other sport, or movies, books, daytime television … whatever. If something interests us we study it, and the people involved, with more enthusiasm than anything our social studies teachers could have dragged out of us.… Read the rest

‘Legends of Film & Fantasy’ James Bama, Jeff Yagher
and dozens more meet the maker of the Witch’s Dungeon

Cortlandt Hull, great-nephew of the “Werewolf of London”, interviews Aurora artist James Bama and sculptor Jeff Yagher for upcoming DVD “Legends of Film & Fantasy”.

An interview with Moebius Models

Originally published Nov. 15, 2007.

What you see below is what I was able to recover of a Moebius Models blog entry I lost when the Clubhouse moved to a new server in early October 2007. The loss of that entry isn’t the worst inconvenience the Clubhouse experienced, and at least I held onto this much.… Read the rest