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Sculptor Kent Kidwell focuses for now on his original
creations and hopes to work with more familiar characters

The Head Merchant. What a name for a character. When he lumbered onto the garage-kit scene a couple years ago, I was struck by both his originality and his familiarity. The character is a cheerful but deadly, axe-toting barbarian on the back of a … whatever that horned creature is, packing a bouncing supply of severed heads.… Read the rest

Official photo of Monarch’s Sinbad model

SinbadUpCloseScott McKillop of Monarch Models shared this with me. It’s the official high-resolution photo of Sinbad, built and painted by Randy Eveleigh. Click it to see the whole image. I think Monarch still hopes to have this out before year’s end, but don’t quote me on that.… Read the rest

Andy Bergholtz creates the Salty Sea Dogs

Originally published Aug. 16, 2006, at

Sculpted by Andy Bergholtz of AB Sculpture Studio.
Available from Dark Carnival.
1/4 scale, resin.
The first two “Sea Dogs” sell for $75 plus shipping; price on the Captain is $85; the set of all three is $175.Read the rest