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Atlantis rises on a tidal wave of plastic to bring back
more of the model kits from hobbyists’ past and future

This month’s entry comes with a soundtrack. Hit the play button below if you’re up for a little music.

Donovan – Atlantis

What a great time for fans of plastic figure models. Five years ago, it seemed the “big guys” had declared our hobby dead and not worth resuscitating.… Read the rest

Sinbad’s ‘Silver Age’ advertising appearance

Monarch’s ad for the upcoming Sinbad kit. Says Scott McKillop of Monarch: “I was hoping to achieve the DC comics look that the Aurora ads had back in the Silver age.”… Read the rest

Official photo of Monarch’s Sinbad model

SinbadUpCloseScott McKillop of Monarch Models shared this with me. It’s the official high-resolution photo of Sinbad, built and painted by Randy Eveleigh. Click it to see the whole image. I think Monarch still hopes to have this out before year’s end, but don’t quote me on that.… Read the rest