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Promo video for new Aurora monsters video

Got this today from Cortlandt Hull:

DVDs will start mailing out at the end of June. Look for ordering information at… Read the rest

A DVD update from Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent

Pasted below is a message from Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent, whose interview with James Bama was the subject of Resin the Barbarian’s October entry.

Our new documentary, “LEGENDS OF FILM & FANTASY”, will now be a multi-part series, this we just decided less than a month ago.… Read the rest

‘Legends of Film & Fantasy’ James Bama, Jeff Yagher
and dozens more meet the maker of the Witch’s Dungeon

Cortlandt Hull, great-nephew of the “Werewolf of London”, interviews Aurora artist James Bama and sculptor Jeff Yagher for upcoming DVD “Legends of Film & Fantasy”.