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For Norman Meyers of Artist Proof Studio, sculpting
is an opportunity to tell a story as well as shape a figure

Check out this creepazoid. He (?) is called the S.L.E. Creature, and once I get over being freaked out, I feel really bad for … it. Poor thing, you look at it and just know this is someone who’s had a really serious problem.… Read the rest

Atlantis rises on a tidal wave of plastic to bring back
more of the model kits from hobbyists’ past and future

This month’s entry comes with a soundtrack. Hit the play button below if you’re up for a little music.

Donovan – Atlantis

What a great time for fans of plastic figure models. Five years ago, it seemed the “big guys” had declared our hobby dead and not worth resuscitating.… Read the rest

‘The time has come to tell the tale’


Water runs over the tub’s edge and onto the tile, but the man doesn’t care. He wants an answer from the woman lying face-down on the bed. A minute before, he had asked, “Who are you?” But when he put a hand on her back, felt the chill of her flesh, his question changed.

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