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For Norman Meyers of Artist Proof Studio, sculpting
is an opportunity to tell a story as well as shape a figure

Check out this creepazoid. He (?) is called the S.L.E. Creature, and once I get over being freaked out, I feel really bad for … it. Poor thing, you look at it and just know this is someone who’s had a really serious problem.… Read the rest

Custom wedding cake toppers and a healthy sense
of humor got Troy McDevitt started on his career as a sculptor

On his Facebook page, Troy McDevitt describes his business, The McDevitt Studio, as “a magical place. For the past several years, I’ve laid a lump of clay out on my workbench before going to bed at night and in the morning, someone has used it to sculpt a brand new statue!… Read the rest

The characters of sculptor Robert Blair’s imagination can
crack you up at the same time they’re making your skin crawl

Look at the faces on some of these characters. Demon of the Harvest. Crookneck. Jack the Ripper. Even little Alice, concealing silverware as she awaits Humpty Dumpty’s fall. The characters look so happy, and they’re all obviously so nasty.… Read the rest