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The Aurora Phantom … doing something else

Here’s a project I’ve wanted to do for a long time: A James Bama-style Phantom replacement head for the Polar Lights model kit. Basically, what we end up with is the Aurora Phantom at a different moment in his tale, shortly after being unmasked.… Read the rest

Atlantis rises on a tidal wave of plastic to bring back
more of the model kits from hobbyists’ past and future

This month’s entry comes with a soundtrack. Hit the play button below if you’re up for a little music.

Donovan – Atlantis

What a great time for fans of plastic figure models. Five years ago, it seemed the “big guys” had declared our hobby dead and not worth resuscitating.… Read the rest

‘Legends of Film & Fantasy’ James Bama, Jeff Yagher
and dozens more meet the maker of the Witch’s Dungeon

Cortlandt Hull, great-nephew of the “Werewolf of London”, interviews Aurora artist James Bama and sculptor Jeff Yagher for upcoming DVD “Legends of Film & Fantasy”.