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Mike Rutherford paints Retro Resin’s Fly and more

Originally published Sept. 27, 2006, at GJSentinel.com.


Some guys just seem to be particularly in love with this hobby of ours. Mike Rutherford, 38, of New England has long struck me as one of them. Check out his Web site, which is stuffed not only with pictures of his own kit buildups, but with information about model kits both past and present and plenty of other genre subjects of interest to hobbyists.… Read the rest

Jeff Yagher’s Aurora Box Art Bride

First published Feb. 23, 2006, at GJSentinel.com.

“Aurora” is an important name to anyone who enjoys monster models. It was the company that introduced the world to such kits back in the ’60s, first with the Frankenstein Monster and followed by many more, including a wonderfully detailed kit of the monster’s Bride:

Polar Lights Bride of Frankenstein

For the record, the picture above is the kit issued a few years ago by Polar Lights.… Read the rest